Attracting Talents

Sharif University of Technology, as the first level technical engineering university in the country, is the destination of the selected candidates for the national entrance exam every year. In addition, providing technical and specialized training at the highest quality level of training leads to the development of human resources capable of recruiting at the highest professional and technical level. The record of the presence of Sharif University graduates in various industries testifies to the claim that the output of the graduates of this university causes a change in industries and organizations.

In recent years, Sharif University of Technology, in addition to paying attention to maintaining the quality of specialized education at the highest level, has paid special attention to teaching soft skills to the role of students and graduates in the industry. In this regard, a program called Sharif Career School has been established.


Sharif Career School is the first Iranian Career School that has been trying to reduce the gap between students’ abilities and the needs of the labor market by holding various training courses since 2015.

We believe that the most important obstacle for new entrants and job seekers to enter the market is the lack of soft skills (such as professional behavior, carte blanche, etc.) and insufficient knowledge of their abilities.

To solve this problem, various courses have been held in Sharif University of Technology and other universities and other organizations to develop professional and self-knowledge skills, and we are trying to bring more people to their desired jobs by designing newer courses.