Laboratory services

The Laboratory Services Center (Central Laboratory) started its activities with the approval of the Statute (on 9/18/92) as a knowledge-based institution with a board of directors with the aim of concentrating and establishing and implementing the Sharif Laboratory Network and Industrial Services. Establish a knowledge-based institution to focus on engineering, laboratory, research, educational and consulting technical services to academic, industrial and general customers at the organizational, national, regional and international levels, relying on its competitive capabilities, facilities and benefits in the field of measurement. , Identification and identification in the fields of chemistry, materials science and advanced technologies that in some way improve the quality of research, research and industry in the country, is one of the main tasks of the center.


Other tasks of the laboratory include updating the devices, concluding contracts with various scientific and research centers, anticipating the needs of the university’s future devices and equipment, and employing experienced scientific and technical manpower to perform and analyze the experiments. The scientific services of the Central Laboratory are covered by all universities, scientific and research institutes and various industries, as well as the private sector. Therefore, all natural and legal persons can be informed about the method and amount of services of this laboratory by referring to the laboratory or by calling. The laboratory’s website also provides comprehensive information.