Patent Office


The Patent Office of Sharif University of Technology, in cooperation with the Patent Center of Iran, does not provide counseling, support and follow-up services to professors and students of Sharif University of Technology for international patents.

Sharif University of Technology patent office support for inventors

  • Process facilities
    • Consulting services to get acquainted with the patent registration process and complete patent information forms
    • An initial payment of $ 1,000 for a patent agreement
    • Follow up the patent registration process until the final steps
  • Encouragement facilities
    • Professors will benefit from relevant research privileges if they receive a final patent.
    • Students will receive a certificate from the university if they are initially accepted by the Iranian Patent Center and approved by the University Technology Council.
    • It is worth mentioning that the incentive prize of 30 million Rials will be paid to the inventors by the Iranian Patent Center after the final grant.
  • Marketing facilities
    • With the final grant of the invention, the marketing and commercialization of the project will be supported by the University’s Office of Technology Development and Transfer.