Product development

Product development, or product management, is the process of creating and commercializing new products, including conceptual design, basic design, manufacturing, and marketing.

For many years, Sharif University of Technology has been working in the field of development of products based on advanced technologies in the form of various cooperation models, commissioned by industries and organizations. The models of cooperation in the field of product development are as follows:

  • Industry Contracts Within the framework of the Contact Industry Product and Technical Knowledge Contract, the order is developed at the request of the industry and at the expense of the industry at the university. In this context, the intellectual property of the product belongs to the employer. The university’s obligations under the contract are to communicate with industry, provide guarantees, follow up on financial and legal issues of the contract, control the project and provide insurance calculations.
  • Joint Investment Fund: In this way, the university and industry jointly invest in product development with special technology and benefit from its material and spiritual benefits within the framework of the joint venture.
  • Purchase Guarantee Contract: In some areas where product development is associated with technological risk, if the product is guaranteed to be purchased by the industry, the product will be developed with the university’s investment, and if the product meets the industry’s technical standards, technical knowledge sold to the employer. Sold.

Successful examples

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