technical and engineering service

Engineering technical consulting services are one of the most important and effective tools to make the knowledge and capabilities of faculty members and researchers at Sharif University of Technology available to organizations and industries outside the university, including the government, the non-governmental public sector and private businesses. Engineering technical consulting services as the most basic technological service of the university to organizations to solve their problems and challenges. The establishment of research teams with fields of interdisciplinary activity forms the basis of the university’s technical engineering services.

Access to more than 450 faculty members, more than 80 research centers, 49 technology service offices, as well as the central laboratory network at the University’s Innovation and Technology Environmental Library provides reassurance for organizations to meet their challenges and issues that need to be addressed. It has specialized and agile solutions, with Sharif University of Technology as a reliable partner.

Some of the technical engineering services of the university are:

  • Preparation of specialized reports on the technical or business challenges of businesses
  • Patent analysis and technical technical evaluation of new technologies
  • Provide advice based on field observations of academic professionals
  • Organization complication services
  • Evaluation and complication of technical and industrial processes
  • Big data analysis and image

Successful examples

borj metro