Venture capital

Today, in the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, different investment institutions have emerged. These investors include philanthropic investors, bold stock exchange investment funds, and venture capitalists in the early stages of maturity, accelerators and research and technology funds, and so on. One of the fundamental and suggested ways for industries that intend to be active in the knowledge-based economy and thus prosper the country’s economy, is to invest in these existing investment institutions with scientific cooperation models and experienced around the world. One of these models is Joint Venture. In this type of investment, the industry undertakes that under certain conditions, if a private investor invests in a subject, an amount will be invested jointly by that entity in the same subject and in cooperation with the private investor. Using this method, in addition to providing financing services by that governing body, certain issues that are more difficult for private investors to enter will also live in the ecosystem, and the knowledge and experience of the private sector will guide the capital provided in the right direction. Will be taken.

Sharif University of Technology’s Technology Development and Transfer Program, using this model of cooperation, is ready to establish a joint fund with those industries that intend to invest in businesses that are directly related to their activities within the framework of simultaneous investment.

The advantage of this joint venture with Sharif University of Technology is access to a dynamic innovation ecosystem consisting of talented human resources, including professors and students, companies and startups from the university and technology teams working to develop advanced technologies.

In principle, the following six main factors are influential for the commercialization of advanced technologies:

  • Financing
  • Expertise in the field of business
  • Access to facilities and infrastructure
  • Talent access
  • Expertise in technical fields
  • Market access

Industries mainly benefit from financing, business expertise, technical expertise and market access. On the other hand, universities, and specifically Sharif University of Technology, have an advantage in terms of talent, access to facilities and infrastructure for technological development. Therefore, increasing cooperation between Sharif University of Technology and Industries in the field of joint investment on the development of advanced and innovative products is associated with low risk.